Articles about texting (page 2)

Judge denies that woman can be held accountable for her "electronic presence" in texting-while-driving accident
People more likely to lie when texting (study)
National Transportation Safety Board wants to ban usage of cell phones in cars
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Zlango Launches “The Walking Dead” Icon Messaging
Texting and driving do not mix
Concept phone designed for texting in mind
Pinger brings free texting to Europe
FireText smoke alarm will automatically text up to four numbers during an emergency
EasySMS allows illiterates to text
Surgeon General's Warning: Too much texting and social networking is harmful to your health
Texting and Driving Not Much More Dangerous Than Other Bad Driving Behaviours
2010 LG U.S. National Texting Championship announces winner
Study Finds 72 Percent of Adults Now Texting in U.S.
Microsoft Kin Cloud Phones Launched
Forehead Texter for a better social experience