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Instant Messaging Overtakes SMS Texts For The First Time
Even though smartphones have been on the market for over 10 years, mobile phone users still preferred to use SMS texts in order to communicate with other cell phones, especially when carriers bundle text messages with certain plans. But it looks like instant messaging through a number of applications has finally caught up with SMS texts, and in fact, has overtake it according to Informa.Research firm Informa believes nearly 19 […]

Voice-to-text Just As Dangerous As Texting While Driving, According To Study
Texting while driving is as big of a no-no as talking on the phone while driving, especially since both activities are distracting and could cause accidents. With the introduction of voice assistants, such as Siri and S Voice and etc. and their ability to convert voice to text, and text to voice and so on, logically it would seem like we might have found a safer alternative to reply and […]

First Texting While Flying Case Linked To Deadly Commercial Crash
Texting while driving may be two activities that we all can agree shouldn’t mix, especially if you’re driving a school bus or if you’re double-texting with a baby and drugs in your vehicle. But we think texting while flying is probably even more dangerous, especially now that such a case is being linked to a fatal crash.Back in 2011, an emergency medical helicopter flying over Missouri was found to be sending and […]

Mississippi Man Caught Double-Texting With 3-Year-Old, Drugs In His Vehicle
AT&T conducted a survey last week that found adults text and drive more than teenagers, but after hearing about this next story, we’re curious just how many of drivers out there double text and drive, which is probably as dangerous as it sounds as it involves a person texting and driving with two mobile devices.According to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama, 19-year-old Dandre Moore was found to be texting […]


School Bus Driver Caught Texting While Driving
Texting while driving has been one activity a good majority of people realize is a terrible idea, and yet there are a number of us who can’t help but to take our eyes off the road for a few seconds to read and maybe respond to a text. But one thing we think we can all agree on is if you’re a school bus driver you should refrain from such […]

It Seems That Teens Are Starting To Sleep Text These Days
We’ve heard of sleep walking, but sleep texting? That’s definitely something new, but given the popularity of texting these days, is it really that surprising? This phenomena was spotted by a nursing professor who discovered that teens are actually responding to text messages while fast asleep! Apparently how this works is that during their sleep, they will hear their phone beep and automatically respond to that notification by texting back […]

Judge denies that woman can be held accountable for her "electronic presence" in texting-while-driving accident
Last week we reported that a woman was currently being sued as being responsible in a texting-while-driving car accident involving a motorbike. It does sound pretty straightforward but in case you might have missed our coverage, here’s the kicker – the woman was not the one behind the wheel, but rather she was the one sending the text messages to the person behind the wheel (her boyfriend). According to the […]

People more likely to lie when texting (study)
How many of you have ever told a lie when face to face with somebody? How many of you have done it while texting? If you find it easier to lie in the latter category – don’t worry because you’re not alone. According to some research done by the University of British Columbia, text messaging leads to people being more deceitful when compared to other modes of communication.

National Transportation Safety Board wants to ban usage of cell phones in cars
Car accidents happen on a daily basis and while it’s not always the case, more often than not, one of the drivers is using a mobile device behind the wheel. Well, it looks like the folks over at the National Transportation Safety Board wants to put an end to all that. It’s been reported that the NTSB wants to ban all driver use of cell phones and other portable electronic […]

Samsung's ChatON now available in Android Market
Blackberry users have Blackberry Messenger (BBM), and lately iOS users have gotten their hands on iMessage, Apple’s answer to BBM, and perhaps not wanting to be left out in the wake and hype of iOS 5, Samsung has finally released the ChatON, which is the handset manufacturer’s Android answer to BBM and iMessage.

Zlango Launches “The Walking Dead” Icon Messaging
Yesterday, Zlango launched its localized icon texting for the American language, a service accessible via the Zlango Messaging App for Android Devices.Today at New York Comic Con, the company unveiled The Walking Dead theme pack, licensed and designed based on the comic book series characters.The Walking Dead theme pack is available as a free update for users of the Zlango Messaging App and it allows users to replace words with […]

Texting and driving do not mix
We all know that it is not wise to mix texting and driving together – after all, you cannot split your concentration both ways and be 100% sure that you will be able to arrive at your destination without causing any harm to people around you – as well as yourself, in an accident, that is. It seems that computer hackers are able to force select vehicles to unlock their […]

Concept phone designed for texting in mind
When it comes to texting on our mobile devices, some prefer a phone with a physical keyboard, such as Blackberry devices, or phones with slideout keyboards like the upcoming HTC myTouch 4G Slide. Others prefer their devices to be thinner, so they might instead opt for a full touch-screen smartphone, and use the on-screen keyboard or tools like Swype to type out their messages.

Pinger brings free texting to Europe
While the tech savvy consumers of the world are making use of data for “free” texting with apps such as Whatsapp or Kik messenger, believe it or not, but a majority of the world still rely on good ol’ regular text messaging. Unfortunately in most parts of the world, people don’t have “free text” plans, and still need to pay exorbitant fees to send text messages to each other.