A recent rumor has made claims that for Samsung’s next smartwatch, instead of using Tizen, Samsung could instead be turning to Google’s Wear OS. It seems like the rumors were kind of right, except that this is more than just Samsung using Google’s wearable platform. At I/O 2021, Google announced a partnership with Samsung that would essentially overhaul Wear OS.

According to Google, this will essentially merge Wear OS and Tizen into a single unified platform, which will combine what made both operating systems great. This will result a rebranded platform called Google Wear which will feature faster launching apps, a smoother user interface, better battery life, and also making it easier for developers to create apps for the platform.

“For performance, our teams collaborated and made apps start up to 30% faster on the latest chipsets with smooth user interface animations and motion. To achieve longer battery life, we’ve worked to optimize the lower layers of the operating system – taking advantage of low-power hardware cores to enable better battery life. That includes handy optimizations like the ability to run the heart rate sensor continuously during the day, track your sleep overnight and still have battery for the next day. Finally, our unified platform will make it easier for developers to build great apps for the watch. “

It’s actually rather interesting to see this collaboration, especially since Wear OS definitely could have stood for some improvement, while Tizen could definitely have benefited from being more visible. Perhaps with this collaboration, we might see smartwatches that will be able to better challenge the likes of the Apple Watch.

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