Native Twitter App For Mac Will Be Making A Comeback

Back in early 2018, Twitter announced that they would be discontinuing its app for Mac. The company instead directed users to the web version of Twitter. However, for those who prefer having a native Mac app for their Twitter needs, you’ll be pleased to learn that the app will be making a comeback.

Guests Can Now Join Your Twitter Live Video Broadcasts

It has long been possible to broadcast video live on Twitter but even though the company allowed Periscope users to open their streams to guests back in February this year, it waited to offer this same functionality on Twitter proper. The company today confirmed that users will now be able to add guests to their live video broadcasts on Twitter. The feature will be available in both the iOS and […]

Twitter Discloses Bug That Accidentally Shared User Location Data

A lot of apps rely on our location to improve on its services. For example, knowing where we are might provide better information about the weather, or where a ride-hailing service can pick us up, or where we might be able to find the nearest pharmacy. Location privacy is quite a sensitive thing, which is why some of you might be a bit miffed about what happened with Twitter recently.

Twitter Provides New Report Option For Misleading Election Tweets

There’s always a lot of activity on Twitter right around election time, be it the United States or anywhere across the globe where the service is available. Twitter is doing its bit to control the spread of misleading information, particularly that related to elections, on its platform. It’s now offering a dedicated report option for misleading election tweets.


Twitter Limits Number Of Accounts You Can Follow In A Day

Like any popular social media platform, Twitter also has to deal with scammers who try and find a way around its systems to make a quick buck on the platform. The company has unveiled a new measure against spammers which involves limiting the number of people you can follow in a single day. It previously allowed users to follow up to 1000 accounts in a single day.

Twitter Testing Labels In Conversation Threads

If you’ve been using Twitter long enough, then you are probably familiar with its interface. However, for those who might be new to the platform, it can look a bit messy, especially its threaded conversation feature, but the good news is that it looks like Twitter is testing out some new features to make things clearer.

Twitter Launches Proper ‘Lights Out’ Dark Mode

Twitter is finally rolling out a proper dark mode for its mobile app. The company today announced that the proper battery-saving dark mode dubbed “lights out” is rolling out right away. This has been one of the most requested features from users and it’s good to see that Twitter is doing something with all of that feedback.

Twitter Could Label Newsworthy Tweets That Violate Its Terms

Twitter is thinking about slapping a label on tweets that violate its terms of service but it may want to keep them on the platform because that might be in the public interest. For example, if a prominent politician tweets something that may go against the terms of service, Twitter may label the tweet as such but may not remove it because of its news value.

Twitter Warns Of Viral Prank That Locks Users Out Of Their Accounts

There are a variety of pranks that exists on the internet. Back in the day when users were a little less tech savvy, there were pranks that would trick users into pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL, thus resetting their computers. It was relatively harmless, albeit slightly annoying. Now there seems to be a new prank making their way across Twitter that users should be aware of.

Twitter Testing A Conversation Subscription Feature

If you’ve ever wanted to follow the comments on a Twitter post, you will either need to “heart” the post or comment on it to get notified. This is pretty standard, but at the same time giving a post a “heart” could be seen as endorsing it, and if you’d rather not do that or leave a comment, Twitter might have a new feature in the works that they are […]

US Government Proposes Using Social Media To Catch Disability Fraud

Social media is where we post and share a lot of things, such as status updates, photos, check-ins, and more. Sometimes we end up sharing things that give away more information about us than we would like, and the US government is apparently hoping to capitalize on that by using social media to catch people committing disability fraud.

Twitter Confirms They’re Testing A ‘Hide Tweet’ Feature

Twitter has come under fire in the past over how they seemingly don’t do enough to protect users from abusive users. There have been more than one instance of people, including high profile celebrities, being chased off the platform by trolls who leave behind abusive comments towards them.

Twitter’s Threaded Replies Now Available In Public Beta

Last year it was revealed that Twitter was testing out a new feature in the form of threaded replies. The good news is that if you enjoyed the idea of threaded replies on Twitter, you’ll be pleased to learn that the company has rolled out a public beta for the feature where users who are interested can take part in it.

Twitter Appears To Be Testing A ‘News Camera’ Feature

A trend that we’re starting to see social media platforms do these days is to “borrow” features from each other. For example Instagram’s Stories feature is similar to Snapchat’s own Stories features. According to a recent discovery by researcher Jane Manchun Wong (via CNET), Twitter could also be thinking of borrowing some features from Snapchat.