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Twitter Now Lets Users Follow Their Favorite Topics
Twitter lets you follow users where you can get updates based on their tweets. However, not everyone posts things that you might be interested in, in which it would then be easier to try and sort news and topics through hashtags. However, the good news is that Twitter will be making some changes on that front.

Saudi Government Reportedly Recruits Twitter Employees To Spy On Its Critics
Social media platforms like Twitter are rife with all kinds of user information, some of which is shared publicly, and some of which is private. If private, then accessing it would be pretty hard unless you’re a Twitter employee, which is what the Saudi Arabia government was counting on when they recruited a couple of Twitter employees to spy on their critics.

Twitter Admits Your Phone Number Could Have Been Used For Targeted Advertising
We’ve always recommended that two-factor authentication be used whenever possible. This is because 2FA is usually thought to be a more secure way of protecting your accounts, even in the event that your username and password might have been compromised. Unfortunately, it seems that if you used 2FA with Twitter, your phone number could have been used for targeted ads.

Twitter Rolls Out Filters To Help Prevent DM Abuse
One of the problems that social media platforms are facing is abuse from users who don’t seem to be able to understand the basic concept of respect, where strangers seem to think that it is okay to send other people nasty and abusive messages. This can ruin someone’s day where they might open their inbox to find a flood of abusive messages from random strangers on the internet.


BBC Teams Up With Tech Giants To Fight Fake News Before It Spreads
While fake news and misinformation isn’t new, in this day and age of social media, it can spread a lot faster than back in the day. This has created a problem and it looks like the BBC will be working with several tech giants to help fight this problem before it spreads too far and impacts too many people.

Twitter Temporarily Disables The Ability To Tweet Via SMS
Recently, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey had his Twitter account hacked. Apparently how the hackers managed to gain access to his account and send out some hateful tweets from it was through the “tweet to SMS” feature, which for those unfamiliar, allows users to send tweets via SMS instead of having to go to Twitter’s website or use the app.

Twitter’s CEO Just Had His Account Hacked
Being the CEO of a company usually comes with certain perks that customers of the company might not be able to enjoy. In Twitter’s case, we imagine that maybe the account of the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, would be extra safe with perhaps additional layers of security and monitoring.

Twitter Testing A Filter Feature For Direct Messages
The problem with putting ourselves on social media and having a public profile is that you sometimes get subject to harassment from random strangers online. This kind of harassment can come in many forms, such as comments on your posts or messages sent directly and privately to you.

Twitter And NBC Team Up For Live Coverage Of 2020 Olympics
NBC and Twitter are teaming up for limited live coverage and highlights during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. There’s also going to be a 20 minute Olympics show daily. The content will be available through Twitter’s website and apps. NBC previously had a similar arrangement with Snapchat during the 2018 Winter Games where some highlights packages and live coverage was provided through the app’s Discover tab.

Airline Apologizes For Tweeting Which Seats Are Safest In A Crash
When you get on a plane you’re not thinking about which seats might be the safest in the event of a crash. You’re hoping that the plane doesn’t crash in the first place. That might have been lost on Dutch airline KLM’s social media team when they tweeted about which seats might be the safest in the event of a plane crash.

Twitter Will Add More Context To ‘This Tweet Is Unavailable’
We’re sure that we’ve all come across a Twitter page for a particular tweet, only to be greeted by the message that says, “This tweet is unavailable”. Now, there are many reasons why a tweet could be unavailable. For example, the person who tweeted it decided to delete it, or it could have been removed by Twitter for violating its Terms of Service.

Senators Ask The FTC To Investigate How Social Networks Curate Their Content
How do websites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter determine topics that are supposedly relevant to you? Presumably, this is based on how you use their websites, where based on your searches, history, browsing habits, and so on, it will surface information that it thinks is most suitable for you.

Facebook And Twitter May Not Be Present At White House Social Media Summit
A social media summit without two of the biggest players in social media might not make much sense but apparently, that’s going to be the case for the upcoming summit at the White House. According to reports, the White House has not invited the two most popular social media companies to attend the event.

Twitter Direct Messages Are Facing An Outage
This hasn’t been a particularly kind week for online services. After Cloudflare’s troubles yesterday which knocked a fair bit of the internet offline, Facebook’s services have been acting up today for users across the globe. Twitter is now facing its very own outage with direct messages not working as they should be.