Twitter, like most social media platforms, is free to use and makes money through ads. However, it probably isn’t the best idea to put all their eggs into one basket which is why it’s not surprising that Twitter is now looking into other ways to monetize its platform, and that is through a new pilot project called Twitter Shopping.

If you’ve been following Twitter’s ambitions for a while, you might recall that the company actually planned to get into shopping way back in 2015, but as the company states, they stepped back from their plans to focus on other aspects. However, it looks like their shopping ambitions are now back.

According to Twitter, “The Shop Module is a dedicated space at the top of a profile where businesses can showcase their products. When people visit a profile with the Shop Module enabled, they can scroll through the carousel of products and tap through on a single product to learn more and purchase — seamlessly in an in-app browser, without having to leave Twitter.”

The concept of being able to shop for products directly within an app isn’t new. We’ve seen companies like Instagram implement something similar in the past, so this feature doesn’t really come as a surprise. At the moment this is a pilot project only available to those in the US who use the platform in English and on iOS devices, but presumably it should eventually open up to more users in the future.

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