Earlier this year, it was revealed that Twitter was testing out a way for users to downvote comments. However, this test was limited to iOS devices, but now a tweet by researcher Jane Manchun Wong has revealed that Twitter is now testing out the feature on the web, so you may or may not see it available for you.

We’re not sure if anything has changed from the test earlier this year. Twitter said that the use of the downvote button is to simply let them know what kind of comments or replies you don’t like, which is why you might have downvoted it.

This is versus other platforms such as Reddit, where posts with a lot of downvotes gets pushed further down the comment list or gets hidden if it has received too many downvotes. According to Twitter’s announcement from earlier this year, they state that downvotes won’t be shown publicly.

This means that it won’t affect the order of the comments and replies, but like we said, we’re not sure if this has changed since the last test. It would be ideal if Twitter could adopt a similar approach to other platforms where heavily downvoted comments get hidden or pushed down the list, but we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out once it becomes publicly available.

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