We know that UPS has been looking to convert its delivery trucks to electric. However the “problem” is that so far UPS has only focused on its larger delivery trucks and also its smaller delivery trucks which are usually used for the last mile. So what about those that are in between?

Now it looks like the company will have their bases covered as UPS has announced a collaboration with Thor Trucks in which it will see them develop medium-duty electric trucks. These fully-electric trucks are expected to be deployed later this year where they will be tested and used in Los Angeles, California.

These trucks have been designed to feature a battery that’s good for 100 miles, but this might not necessarily be set as throughout the testing, aspects such as durability, battery capacity, technical integration, and more will be evaluated. We expect that it might be a while before we see UPS convert their entire fleet, but in the meantime this is a good step towards a greener future.

In the meantime UPS has also been trying out other hi-tech alternatives to trucks, such as using drones which could be used for the last mile delivery where it could be deployed from a truck, as opposed to the truck having to drive around.

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