With the number of deliveries that UPS makes on a daily basis, it also means that the company has their trucks out for delivery all day, and the number of miles that they cover is huge, and we’re just talking about the US market. However in a bid to cut down their carbon emissions, UPS has announced a new green initiative for their New York City operations.

The company has announced that they will be investing is more electric trucks, where they are hoping to replace the diesel trucks used in NYC with these greener vehicles, or to be more specific, the company hopes convert 1,500 of its diesel-powered trucks to an all-electric system. UPS has been given a $500,000 grant by NYSERDA and will be using Unique Electric Solutions to help with the conversion of its trucks.

This will involve swapping out the UPS  trucks’ chassis for 225kw electric motorized ones. The company is hoping to ramp up the conversion to three vehicles a day, and this is expected to begin in the Spring of 2018. This won’t completely convert UPS’ NYC operations, as 1,500 vehicles is said to represent about two-thirds of their NYC fleet.

This isn’t the first time that UPS has embraced new technology. Earlier this year the company explored the idea of using drones for delivery purposes.

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