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GTA V Watch Dogs Hack Is Pretty Amazing
There are plenty of hacks or mods available for Grand Theft Auto 5 that add a whole new dimension to this amazing game, we’ve seen some of our favorite superheroes being added to the title through such mods, but the one we have today adds elements of yet another amazing game to GTA 5. The GTA 5 Watch Dogs hack has been put together nicely and actually looks to be […]

Watch Dogs 2 Reportedly In The Pipeline
Watch Dogs was a new Ubisoft IP that arrived last year, it’s an open-world adventure and action game that’s set in Chicago. The title did quite well when it arrived and since then there has been talk of a sequel particularly after it became evident that there will be no further DLC expansions. While Ubisoft is yet to formally confirm Watch Dogs 2 the title was listed briefly on a Ubisoft […]

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Just Dance Trademark Filings Hints At Live Entertainment Plans
We know that an Assassin’s Creed movie is being made starring Michael Fassbender and will see a release in 2016, but could Ubisoft be planning on making other movies from their video game franchises? We suppose that remains to be seen, but in the meantime it looks like the company could be thinking about it.According to recent trademark filings, it seems that Ubisoft has filed trademarks for titles such as […]

Over Nine Million Copies Of Watch Dogs Shipped By Ubisoft
Ubisoft made its financial report for the first half of FY15 public today and there are some interesting bits of information that we gain from it. During this period Ubisoft saw a 65 percent increase in sales as opposed to the same time last year. Watch Dogs was a major contributing factor as more than nine million copies of the game were shipped during this period.


Watch Dogs For Wii U Will Not Be Getting Any DLCs
Earlier this year, Ubisoft released one of their more anticipated titles, Watch Dogs. Thankfully for Wii U gamers, Ubisoft also revealed that they had a Wii U version in the works although it would be delayed and will see a launch on the 18th of November instead, which we guess better late than never, right?That being said, it looks like not only did Wii U owners have to deal with […]

Watch Dogs Wii U Release Confirmed
One of the biggest titles of 2014 is finally making its way to Nintendo Wii U. Ubisoft Mexico jumped the gun on its Facebook page earlier today when it posted about the game’s release date and then pulled the post. An official confirmation has now been rolled out by Ubisoft reiterating the release date.

Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC Detailed
The first DLC for Ubisoft’s popular title Watch Dogs has been detailed today. Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC will be released later this month. Ubisoft took the time out today to reveal some details about this expansion pack on its official blog. Gamers will not play as the game’s main character Aiden Pearce in this DLC, instead they will assume the role of Raymond Kenney aka T-Bone.

Watch Dogs DLC Could Take Players To A New City
Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is based on the city of Chicago, but if you were wondering if Ubisoft could be taking the game to an entirely new city, you could be in luck. According to an official tweet from the Watch Dog’s Twitter account, they are teasing that with its upcoming DLC, the game could be shifting from Chicago to Camden, New Jersey.The tweet mentions how the city has had the […]

Watch Dogs' Hi-Res Graphics Mod Gets Final Release
While Watch Dogs is a beautiful game, no doubt about that, it certainly looks different from the demo that Ubisoft showed off back in 2012. However as you might recall, one modder discovered hidden files in the game that basically unlocked the high-res texture and graphics, thus making the game look closer to its 2012 demo.Well the good newsis that according to Eurogamer, the modder, Federico “TheWorse” Rojas has put […]

Ubisoft Has Shipped Over 8 Million Copies Of Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs was released back in May for previous-gen and next-gen consoles as well as the PC and the title immediately became a hit. Ubisoft announced just a day after its launch that Watch Dogs has become its fastest selling game to date. In the first week alone the title’s sales had crossed over 4 million units.  Ubisoft has now provided another update on the title’s figures, over 8 million units have […]

Watch_Dogs DLC Packs Revealed
Watch_Dogs, the most pre-ordered title on Ubisoft to date, is back with its DLC packs made available for both the Sony PS3 as well as its successor, the Sony PS4. For those who have been playing Watch_Dogs ever since it was released, chances are you would have figured out all the different nooks and crannies of the city in-game, but thanks to the latest Watch_Dogs Access Pack DLC, gamers will […]

While Watch Dogs is a beautiful looking game, it certainly does not look like what Ubisoft unveiled at E3 a couple of years ago. However a modder recently discovered hidden files in the game that allowed the game to look even more breathtaking than it did, so what gives? Why did Ubisoft decide to hide those files?Well if you were hoping for an explanation, you’ve got one. Ubisoft has since […]

Watch Dogs’ First Patch Detailed
Watch Dogs, the game that has done extremely well for itself since its release, having sold four million copies in the first week alone, is still not quite the complete article just yet. After all, no game, with a PC mod that delivers breathtaking graphics or otherwise, would be justified in being patch-free after release in this day and age. Having said that, Ubisoft has already unveiled details concerning Watch […]

Watch Dogs For PC Mod Gives The Game Breathtaking Graphics
Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is a beautiful game and there’s no doubt about that, but if you saw what Ubisoft had demoed in 2012, you’ll probably be wondering how come the release version looks different from what Ubisoft had demoed? Well perhaps Ubisoft wanted to help keep the specs requirement for the PC down, but if you think your computer can handle the graphics, you might be pleased to learn that […]

Watch Dogs Loading Bug Haunts Players On All Platforms
Ubisoft has undoubtedly hit a home run with Watch Dogs. It became the publisher’s fastest selling title on the first day and sold a record four million copies in the first week alone. However the launch hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Many players complained about issues with uPlay login and now there’s a big thread on Ubisoft’s official forums about a Watch Dogs loading bug that’s affecting players on PC, […]

Watch Dogs Sales Cross 4 Million In First Week
It was quite evident that Watch Dogs had instantly become popular following its launch on previous-gen, next-gen consoles and PC last month. Ubisoft announced that this was its fast selling game to date only a day after it was released. Now the publisher has revealed numbers of the first full week. Watch Dogs sales in the first week alone topped 4 million copies across all platforms, setting a record of […]

Watch Dogs Trailer Done Up In Grand Theft Auto IV
Life is full of choices, isn’t it? If you are unable to make up your mind as to which particular open world game to play between Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto, why not enjoy the best of both worlds? YouTube user RavenswestR1 has come up with this rather unique re-creation of the Watch Dogs launch trailer, albeit using the Grand Theft Auto 4 engine to get the job done. […]

Watch Dogs' Graphics Compared Across All Platforms
Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was released multiple platforms not too long ago. Based on what we have seen so far in terms of gameplay and trailers, the game looks very promising, although its launch was marred by the fact the Ubisoft’s uPlay services was having issues, thus affecting not only those who played the game on the PC, but those who played it on consoles as well.In any case regardless of […]

Watch Dogs uPlay Issues On PS4 And Xbox One As Well
We reported a couple of days back that many Watch Dogs players on PC were facing issues with uPlay. Apparently this was caused by the rush of players who jumped to get their hands on the title as soon as it went live. That wouldn’t be an outrageous assumption as Watch Dogs sold more copies in its first 24 hours than any game Ubisoft has ever released. Unfortunately it looks like […]

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Achieve New 1st Day Sales Record
We have more or less seen how popular Watch Dogs has been, where it has also generated publicity in many different ways such as a PR stunt by Ubisoft resulting in a bomb scare, but no matter how much good is shared through word of mouth from one person to another, there is nothing quite as concrete as an actual sales report. Having said that, hiccups to the Uplay login […]