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Waze Updated With New ETA Screen To Show More Traffic Information
If you’re someone who relies on Waze to get to your destination, you’re probably familiar with some of the app’s features, such as providing the driver with an ETA on when they will arrive, along with some information about potential traffic they might run into. However it looks like an update to Waze has been released which will introduced an updated ETA screen that can display more traffic information than […]

2018 Ford EcoSport Will Come With Waze, Alexa Integration
While quite a few carmakers out there load their vehicles with their own mapping system (or use third-party services), it’s hard to compare those against the navigation systems found on our phones, such as Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, and so on. This is because our mobile apps have the benefit of an internet connection, meaning that routes can be updated with real-time info.

Waze In-Car Mapping Will Be Coming To Ford Cars With SYNC 3
[CES 2018] Depending on the carmaker and the infotainment unit you have chosen (or comes bundled) with your car, sometimes the mapping software on it might not necessarily be the most responsive, user-friendly, or updated, and sometimes using our phones with apps like Waze might actually be a better idea.

New Jersey Town Closing Streets To Tackle Navigation App Traffic
Smart navigation apps like Waze help their users find the fastest way to their destination. By relying on data crowdsourced from users, these apps are able to provide a better picture of the traffic situation. This can often result in large numbers of users being redirected to streets that aren’t meant for a lot of traffic when highways and major roads are congested. No wonder some communities don’t like these […]


Latest Waze Update Includes Additional Support For Voice Commands
Using your phone while driving is clearly not a good idea, and companies like Waze have built in features to prevent users from using the app while driving. However what if you wanted to find a new route? What if you decided that you wanted to go somewhere else, or find an alternative route to your destination, what then?

Spotify And Waze Integration Lands On iOS
Google-owned Waze announced a partnership with Spotify earlier this year. The idea was to eliminate the hassle for drivers that want to listen to music while keeping an eye on their navigational app. To enable them to stream music without having to leave the app, Waze announced an integration with Spotify. It was limited to Android back then but the Waze/Spotify integration has now landed on iOS devices.

Waze’s Latest Update Lets You Reach Out To Other Wazers For Help
Things like changing a flat tyre is usually something that is taught at driving school, but as they say, practice makes perfect and unless we are changing flat tyres all the time, it is easy to forget how to go about changing it. If you think that describes you, getting into a situation where your car has a flat is obviously going to be inconvenient, but not if you use […]

Waze Now Available On Android Auto
Google Maps has more or less been the only proper navigation solution available to Android Auto users but that changes today. Waze is finally available on Android Auto starting today. Users can tap into the crowd-sourced service to get real-time information while they’re making their way from one point to another. Those who have used Waze for a long time on mobile devices will be glad that it’s finally available […]

Waze Update Now Lets You Record Your Own Voice
Over the years, Waze has offered up various voice packs that users could use to change the turn-by-turn navigation voice, with the most recent being Mr. T. However if you always thought that it would be cool to be able to record your own voice or the voice of a friend or loved one, you’re in luck.

Waze’s Traffic Data Will Now Help Emergency Services
If you’re looking for the quickest route to your destination, or maybe you’re looking to avoid a bad traffic jam, or if you’re trying to avoid police roadblocks, Waze is probably the app for you. The app does a pretty good job at showing users the fastest way to their destination, and it seems that those features will now be applied to emergency services as well.

Waze Maps Now Being Tested On Android Auto
When it comes to navigational apps, Google has at least two options in the form of Google Maps and Waze, with the latter having been acquired by the company several years ago. Both apps offer up navigation, although both do have different features that might have users prefer one to the other.

Waze Lets Users Order From Dunkin’ Donuts On The Way To Work
Driving to work or school and feeling a little sleepy and wouldn’t mind some coffee or donuts to perk you up? If that sounds like a win situation for you, then you might be interested to learn that Waze and Dunkin’ Donuts have announced that they will be working together in which users will now be able to order their coffee and pick it up along their way to work […]

Waze Will Now Support Spotify Playlists In Its App
Driving and listening to music are things that go hand in hand, but the idea of having to switch between navigational apps like Waze and your music app isn’t always a very good idea and it can be distracting, or especially if you need the directions and you can’t really spare a minute to stop navigating to switch apps.

Google To Expand Waze’s Ride-Sharing Service
Depending on where you live, Waze might be more than just your standard navigation app. Now you might recall that back in 2016, Google launched a ride-sharing service using Waze. The initial rollout of the service was limited to San Francisco, but a report from The Wall Street Journal (via Fortune) has revealed that Google plans on expanding further.

Waze Now Lets Users Browse Places By Category
Waze is a great app if you’re looking to navigate your way to somewhere unfamiliar, or if you just want to avoid traffic in general. However just like Google Maps, users will be able to search for locations in broad terms, like street names, or building names. But what if you are trying to find a place but you just can’t remember what it was called?

Ex-Top Gear Trio Will Now Voice Waze Navigation
Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond are best known for hosting the BBC’s Top Gear but they’re no longer with the state broadcaster. They have actually moved on to Amazon which has given them a new car show called The Grand Tour. In order to promote the new show, the ex-Top Gear trio will provide voice navigation in Waze for a limited time.

Google’s Ride-Sharing Service Is Now Live In San Francisco
Last month we heard reports that Google was apparently interested in launching their own ride-sharing service. Now according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that those plans are now live, although it is currently only limited to San Francisco. Prior to this, the service was in a private beta, but we guess that is no longer the case.

Waze Will Now Help Users Find The Best Parking Spot
Waze is a useful app as it helps find you the fastest route to your location. Now it seems that the app is going to be even more useful as it will help find you the best parking spot, thanks to a recent partnership with INRIX, a parking data aggregator, in which the data they collect will be used to help Waze users.

Waze Now Provides Advanced Notifications On Road Closures
How many times have you driven to somewhere using Waze only to find that along the way, the roads have been closed, thus forcing you to take a detour and making you late. It would be nice if you could be warned beforehand, right? Turns out that’s exactly what Waze is trying to do as they have rolled out a new feature for the app.

Waze Beta Now Reminds Parents Not To Leave Their Kids In The Car
It’s unfortunate but sometimes you hear about it in the news where a parent forgot that their child is in the car and run off to do their errands, only to come back a few hours later and discover their child has died due to a heatstroke. Thankfully the folks at Waze want to do something about it, and in their latest beta they included a child reminder.