If you’re someone who relies on Waze to get to your destination, you’re probably familiar with some of the app’s features, such as providing the driver with an ETA on when they will arrive, along with some information about potential traffic they might run into. However it looks like an update to Waze has been released which will introduced an updated ETA screen that can display more traffic information than before.

In the update to the app, the new ETA screen will help make it easier for users to see when they might arrive to their destination, and also when is a good time to go if you’re looking to arrive to your destination by a certain time. This can help with time management, especially for those who might be bad at it. Users can also schedule their drive and the app will notify users when it is time to leave if they hope to make it by a certain time.

In addition to the redesigned ETA screen, the app will also introduce some minor bug fixes, but apart from that the are no other major changes to the app. Waze is one of several popular navigation apps available today. Interestingly enough a blogger actually ran a test comparing Waze to the likes of Google Maps and Apple Maps and found that Google Maps actually got users to their destination the fastest.

The blogger’s year-long test also found that despite Waze giving users the shortest estimated trip times, the app would sometimes fail to deliver on that promise, meaning that users might arrive later than expected. This is something to consider if you plan on using Waze and taking advantage of the updated features.

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