Things like changing a flat tyre is usually something that is taught at driving school, but as they say, practice makes perfect and unless we are changing flat tyres all the time, it is easy to forget how to go about changing it. If you think that describes you, getting into a situation where your car has a flat is obviously going to be inconvenient, but not if you use Waze.

In an update to Waze as spotted by Android Police, it seems that the app will now allow users to reach out to other Waze users for help, such as changing a flat tyre, which you can see in the screenshot to the right where users are now presented with an added option called “Roadside help” under the “Send a report” menu.

However the feature doesn’t seem to be fully live yet, despite it showing up in the app. Android Police speculates that maybe something needs to be enabled server-side in order for it to start working, which means that we’ll just have to wait for Waze to eventually turn it on. Presumably the feature will work like the rest of the reporting features, where an icon will show up when you approach someone who might need some roadside assistance.

It is a rather nifty feature and we expect that it will be rather invaluable should it find its way onto the Android Auto version as well, meaning that drivers who do not subscribe to roadside assistance services will still be able to get some kind of help (and hopefully for free). This particular feature seems to be only available for the Android version of Waze right now, but presumably it will find its way to the iOS app eventually.

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