If you’re looking for the quickest route to your destination, or maybe you’re looking to avoid a bad traffic jam, or if you’re trying to avoid police roadblocks, Waze is probably the app for you. The app does a pretty good job at showing users the fastest way to their destination, and it seems that those features will now be applied to emergency services as well.

Teaming up with the European Emergency Number Association (EENA), both EENA and Waze will be partnering up and a pilot project for emergency services. According to the announcement, “Waze users who drive with the app turned on, passively contribute traffic and other road data to other Waze users. They can also actively share road reports on incidents that could affect others. The project aims to evaluate how this crowd-sourced anonymous data can be used in emergency management to improve response operations.”

This means that whenever Waze users contribute reports to the app, like an accident, or a traffic jam, those details will then be sent to emergency services to let them know which routes to avoid if they’re trying to rush to the hospital or to a scene of an accident. In turn, emergency services can also send data to Waze users to let them know of planned incidents or incidents that are happening in real time.

However at the moment this feature seems to be only available to emergency services and users in Europe, but we can only imagine that should it prove successful, that maybe we’ll see it expand to other parts of the world.

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