Firefox Will End Support For Windows XP & Vista In 2018

The latest version of Windows is Windows 10, and if you were on older builds of Windows like Windows 7 or Windows 8, there was a period where Microsoft offered users the chance to upgrade for free, which hopefully many of you guys have taken it. However at the same time there are also probably some users who are on even older builds of Windows.

Samsung HMD Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset Unveiled

Word on the street has it that Samsung could be looking to dabble in new wearable headsets that aren’t just virtual reality, and that the company might have a mixed reality headset in the works. In fact just earlier today, Microsoft might have let the cat out of the bag earlier than expected, but Samsung has since confirmed it.

Windows Store Is Now Called Microsoft Store In Windows 10

Microsoft has decided to rebrand the Windows Store in Windows 10. It has rolled out a new Store update to Windows 10 testers on the Release Preview ring. This update brings the new name and logo for the Windows Store which shall henceforth be known as the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. Not much has been changed with the Store itself, the name and logo being the obvious exception.

Bill Gates Still Not A Fan Of Ctrl-Alt-Del

We’ve all found ourselves in situations when we’re mashing Ctrl-Alt-Del on the keyboard when our Windows PC freezes. We know it by heart and it’s normally the first fix we try when something goes wrong, nevermind the fact that it’s an awkward operation that requires you to use both hands. Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates has never been a fan of Ctrl-Alt-Del and turns out, he still doesn’t […]


Google Drive For PC/Mac Will Be Replaced With Backup And Sync

The Google Drive app for the PC and Mac has been around for a very long time and basically provides users with access to their Drive account and files without having to go through the web interface. Unfortunately it looks like the app will soon be going away, according to an announcement by Google.

How To Use Bluestacks, Easy Guide

Bluestacks is an incredibly popular software tool for Windows. It is one of the best Android emulators for PC out there. Initially, it was not a perfect tool, but as the number of Bluestacks users went up, the developers put a lot more effort to improve it as it is today. Being a good Android emulator for PC, a lot of users fail to figure out how to install apps […]

Microsoft Disagrees With Consumer Reports’ Findings

Recently Consumer Reports announced that due to stability issues, they were no longer able to recommend Microsoft’s Surface series of tablets and laptops. Unsurprisingly Microsoft didn’t take too kindly to the report and in a blog post penned by Panos Panay, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Devices, he iterated that the company is standing by its products.

Microsoft To Build-In Eye-Tracking Features Into Windows 10

For those of us who are able bodied, the ability to use our hands to control our computers through a keyboard and mouse is something we tend to take for granted, or at least until the unspeakable happens and we suddenly lose some (or all) functionality in our limbs. In some cases, some are even born with such disabilities, which makes using computers difficult.

Microsoft’s Windows Photos App Gets A Smart Search Feature

The way computers “see” images differs from how we as humans see images, which means that when you’re trying to describe a photo to a friend, you can describe how it looks and depending on how good their memory is, they may or may not be able to recall what you are talking about.

Link Android Phone To PC With Latest Windows 10 Preview

At its Build conference, Microsoft said that it wanted to make PCs and phones work better together. It wanted to make it easier for users to link their phones to their PCs so that they could take advantage of cross-device web browsing even if they use an Android or iOS smartphone. The latest Windows 10 preview that Microsoft has released today enables users to link Android phone to PC.

Microsoft Confirms That ‘Paint’ Is Here To Stay

Recently Microsoft revealed that in the upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10, they could be killing off Paint, which is an image editing app that has been around pretty much since the beginning. While it’s not exactly a tool for professionals, many users do have fond memories of fiddling around in it, plus it is also a quick and lightweight app to get certain image editing done.

Microsoft Could Be Killing Off ‘Paint’ In The Next Windows 10 Update

If there is one piece of software that pretty much been shipped with every version of Windows, it would be MS Paint. While you could hardly call it a robust image editing tool, it was more than capable of getting the job done. However it seems that Microsoft has decided that maybe Paint is no longer worth keeping around.

How To Use TeamViewer

TeamViewer, is a widely used computer remote-access application that lets you connect across devices and control them. It also gives you the ability to communicate with users, setup meetings and share files with them. In this tutorial, we shall explain you how to use TeamViewer and what other interesting things you can do with it.

Support For Windows Phone Has Officially Ended

For a while Microsoft’s Windows Phone was seen as a contender for the mobile space. It never quite had the same momentum compared to iOS and Android, but back then Microsoft was pushing pretty hard to make it work, going as far as acquiring Nokia’s mobile business unit in hopes of churning out their own smartphones.