In 2019 after a series of delays, Apple announced that the AirPower wireless charging mat would be cancelled. However, the following year, there were rumors suggesting that Apple could be looking to revive the project, but then it was followed up by another report claiming that internally, Apple had shelved the project for good.

It turns out that maybe AirPower might not be 100% dead as we previously thought. This is according to a recent report from Bloomberg who claims that Apple is still exploring wireless charging technology, where the company is still very much interested in an inductive charging mat that can charge multiple devices at once.

This would be similar to Apple’s intentions for the AirPower that could charge the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time. We’re not sure how different this would be from the previous design or intent, but Apple has since announced MagSafe, it’s new wireless charging system, and also the MagSafe Duo that charges both iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously.

Now to be fair, the report says that Apple is “exploring” the idea which means that they could simply be looking back on the failed AirPower project and wondering how it could be improved upon. It does not necessarily mean that they are thinking of bringing it back, so don’t get your hopes up at seeing an AirPower-like charging mat anytime soon. In the meantime, the same report also claims that Apple is looking into true wireless charging that would do away with the need for charging mats.

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