When there’s extreme cold or heat in your home, one of the last things you want to do is make your way over to the thermostat in order to make your home, and as a result, yourself and those around you, comfortable. There aren’t many wireless thermostats on the market, although Netatmo has teamed up with Philippe Starck in order to create a new thermostat that can be controlled through your smartphone.

The new Netatmo wireless thermostat’s wall-mounted unit uses an e-ink screen that can be used to display the temperature currently in your home as well as the desired temperature. Netatmo has made interacting with the thermostat extremely fool proof as users will just click the display’s frame in order to adjust the thermostat, which coincidentally has interchangeable colored frames so the thermostat can match with the room.

When and iOS or Android device is thrown into the mix, that’s where the real magic happens. Users can use the accompanying application to allow users to monitor the current temperature in their home wherever they go. That’s right – no need to actually be home in order to make adjustments as you can do that while you’re on the go, schedule when temperature changes occur as well as monitor your energy usage.

Netatmo’s wireless thermostat will cost around $240, so if you’re looking for another way to interact with your thermostat from your phone, this seems like a pretty good easy-to-use alternative to the Nest.

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