Articles about wireless (page 2)

Electric Imp promises to connect all consumer electronics wirelessly
Cel-Factor technology claims to protect humans from EMF radiation
Belkin diving into the 802.11ac wireless networking market
Wi-Fi Blocking Wallpaper Could Improve Wireless Security
Ericsson launches LTE-capable ECW gateway
NuForce Air DAC Wireless System: easy to setup wireless audio
Zooka portable speaker is elegant
Monster Beats Wireless headphones visits the FCC
Genius DX-ECO is a battery-free wireless mouse
Philips Shoqbox Wireless Portable Speakers
SMK-Link Bluetooth Calculator Keypad for OS X users
New Bluetooth chip by Broadcom claims 10 year battery life for Bluetooth peripherals
CloudFTP adds Wi-Fi connectivity to camera or hard drive
Sony PlayStation 3 Urban Camouflage accessories now on sale
H2O Broadband requires no contract for international roaming
Jabra STREET2 is one stylish Bluetooth pendant
TDK juices up headphones and toy cars sans wires
Scientists develop wireless brakes for bicycles
LaCie announces the LaPlug
foxLv2 PLATINUM Bluetooth portable speaker announced