chromecastYou can call it many different things – soccer, fútbol, football, jogo bonito, but chances are you will be glued to your TV set as the 2014 FIFA World Cup begins next week. For those who do not have the time and monetary resources to follow a month long festival of football goodness, you can always rely on enjoying in it your living room – with the help of Chromecast, of course.

Doing pretty well in Europe where football is a huge sport (and just about everywhere else around the world actually), Chromecast is now able to cast live sports content from the WatchESPN app assuming you have ESPN networks under your cable, satellite or pay-TV subscription, courtesy of Disney and ESPN Media Networks.

This translates to being able to enjoy all 64 World Cup games for folks living in the US, using but a single tap of the cast button. Of course, football is not all there is to it, since you are also able to cast the rest of ESPN’s sports content, where among them include the NBA Finals and X Games as well as college football. If you do not follow any kind of sports whatsoever, you can always enjoy other new apps such as turning your TV into a photo album by casting Google+ photos and videos. Do keep a keen eye out for the cast button in the Photos view of Google+ for Android and iOS. [Press Release]

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