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Apple Could Be Retiring iTunes At WWDC 2019
iTunes has become rather synonymous with Apple. The app was used to do all sorts of things, such as buy music, videos, books, sync up with iOS devices, and more. Over time, the app has gotten very bloated due to all these additional features, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Apple could be planning on retiring it for good.

Apple Sends Out Media Invites To WWDC 2019 For June 3
Are you excited to see what Apple has in store for its Mac and iOS devices? If you are, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the company is gearing up for its upcoming WWDC 2019 event. They have started to send out invites to the event which was previously confirmed to take place on the 3rd of June, 2019.

Possible WWDC 2019 Dates Hinted At For 3-7 June, 2019
Typically every year Apple hosts WWDC where they reveal new software changes that will be coming to iOS and macOS. This year’s WWDC dates have yet to be confirmed, but it seems that we might have a rough idea of when it could be kicking off, thanks to the folks at MacRumors who uncovered potential dates.

Apple Maps Can Now Be Embedded Into Websites
Sometimes companies and restaurants and venues will embed a map onto their website to let customers know where they are and how to get there. For the most part the maps that we would see on websites are Google Maps, with the occasional Bing Maps thrown in, but now it looks like we might start seeing Apple Maps as well.


Apple Watch Could Soon Start Tracking Parkinson’s Disease
It is clear that Apple envisions a future in which the Apple Watch can go above and beyond what fitness trackers can do, which is why it wasn’t surprising when we heard that Apple could be working on a glucose tracker for the wearable. However while we might be years away from such features, in the near future the Apple Watch could be getting better detection skills.

iOS 12 Will ‘Fix’ The iPhone X’s Silly Screenshot Problem
If there is one design flaw of the iPhone X, is that the hardware buttons are positioned in such a way that it is easy to accidentally take a screenshot when you reach for your phone. Given how many times we reach for our phone on a daily basis, it’s not surprising that there are more than a few iPhone X users who have had to delete several unnecessary screenshots […]

Apple Shares Details On How iOS Apps Will Run On Mac
For a while many have wondered if Apple would eventually merge its operating systems together, where they would bring iOS and macOS into a single unified platform. If you’re wondering when that will happen, it seems not anytime soon according to Apple’s announcement at WWDC 2018.

iOS 12 Could Introduce Automatic System Updates
When it comes to users adopting the latest version of iOS, Apple has never really had much of a problem. However it seems that Apple could be pushing for users to adopt updates faster, at least according to the beta of the recently announced iOS 12 in which it suggests that automatic system updates could be one the new features.

Apple CarPlay Will Now Let You Use Other Navigation Apps
Given Apple’s penchant for creating a walled garden ecosystem, it’s not surprising that the company would choose to use Apple Maps in CarPlay. It makes a lot of sense and also encourages the adoption of the app. However the good news is that in an announcement made at WWDC, Apple will no longer force Apple Maps onto users.

watchOS 5 Announced With New Walkie-Talkie Feature
At WWDC 2018 today, Apple officially announced the next major update that would be coming to the Apple Watch in the form of watchOS 5. As expected the update will focus a lot on new fitness related features and improvements, but there will also be some new features added that will be communications-based.

Apple Officially Introduces macOS Mojave
If you’re a Mac user, you might be interested to learn that at WWDC 2018, Apple has officially announced the next major update to the macOS platform in the form of macOS Mojave. This will be the latest update to Mac computers which will be expected to officially be released in the later part of the year during the fall.

Apple Unveils Redesigned Mac App Store For macOS Mojave
When Apple launched iOS 11 last year, they also introduced a redesigned App Store that would help make apps more discoverable and also make the store feel less messy. However Apple did not do anything for macOS and the Mac App Store, but just a couple of weeks ago we heard that might change in the next macOS update.

Apple Introduces Digital Wellness Features In iOS 12
Ahead of WWDC 2018, it was rumored that Apple could be introducing digital wellness features in iOS 12. For those wondering, it turns out that the rumors were right because Apple has since introduced features in iOS 12 that is designed to help reduce the amount of time we spend on our phones.

What’s New In iOS 12?Editor's Pick
One of the rumors leading up to WWDC 2018 is that instead of introducing visual overhauls and changes and a ton of brand new features to the iOS platform, Apple would instead choose to focus on improving the overall quality of iOS. This is due to the numerous bugs and problems that arose in iOS 11 which many users weren’t too thrilled about, leading some to question Apple’s attention to […]