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Yahoo View Is A New TV Watching Site Launched With Hulu
Yahoo today announced the expansion of its distribution partnership with Hulu as it introduced a new TV watching experience called Yahoo View in collaboration with the online video streaming service. Yahoo View is now one of the only ways to watch Hulu’s movies and TV shows for free as the online streaming company gears up to shut down its free service and primarily focus on its subscription service.

200 Million Yahoo Accounts Reportedly Being Sold On Dark Web
Hundreds of millions of people who use Yahoo might want to pay attention. A hacker claims to have stolen login credentials of 200 million Yahoo accounts which are now being sold on the dark web – the internet’s black market. The stolen credentials are being sold on TheRealDeal which is a darknet marketplace for illegal items. The price isn’t as high as you might believe it to be.

Yahoo Researchers Build Online Abuse Detection Tool
Online trolling and cyberbullying is an unfortunate reality of the internet, although we have seen how some companies like Twitter are actively trying to stem it, and we have also seen efforts by individuals to curb such behavior. Now it looks like Yahoo’s researchers are throwing their hat into the ring with a potentially more powerful abuse detection tool.

Yahoo Releases Their Redesigned Messenger App For Desktop
Last year Yahoo announced that they were releasing a redesigned Yahoo Messenger. The redesigned platform was initially launched for iOS and Android devices, as well as for the web version of Yahoo Messenger. However if you’ve always preferred native desktop software, you’re in luck as the desktop version of the revamped Yahoo Messenger has since been launched.


Verizon Announces Plans To Acquire Yahoo’s Operating Business
Several days ago, we reported that according to the rumors, Verizon and Yahoo were close to inking a deal that would see Verizon acquire Yahoo’s internet business. While there have been reports of other companies such as Google being interested, Verizon has remained at the forefront of the rumors.

Verizon & Yahoo Said To Be Closer To Inking A Deal
We have been hearing for some time that Verizon could be interested in acquiring Yahoo’s internet business, and that last month there were reports that Verizon would be bidding as much as $3 billion for it. Now according to a report from Bloomberg, the deal is said to be close to being finalized.

Marissa Mayer Mentions Apple As A Search Partner During Earnings Call
When you think of search platforms, you probably think of companies like Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo. No one would ever think of Apple since Apple does not have their own search business. Instead last we checked, Google and Apple have a partnership which sees Google made the default search engine on platforms such as iOS.

Yahoo Launches ‘Radar’, An AI-Based Travel Guide
It is pretty clear that these days we are starting to move into new territory with regards to AI. While the majority of our interactions these days are still pretty straightforward, companies are stepping up their game to introduce bots and AI that are more conversational, thus making its service easier to use by coming off more “natural”, like how you would speak to an actual person.

Yahoo's Sale Includes 3,000 Patents
Yahoo is in the midst of finalizing the sale of its core internet business. It’s expected that Verizon is going to bid some $3 billion for the business during the second round of bidding. A new report sheds light on the fact that in addition to this sale Yahoo is also going to part with at least 3,000 patents that it owns, patents going all the way back to 1996.

Verizon To Bid $3 Billion For Yahoo's Internet Business
Yahoo is now open to offers and reports suggest that multiple companies are looking to acquire Yahoo’s core internet business. Verizon is believed to be one of those companies. A new report suggests that Big Red is going to make a second-round bid for Yahoo’s internet business of $3 billion. Yahoo is expected to hold another round of bidding before it makes a decision.

Twitter Reportedly Considered A Merger With Yahoo
The Yahoo we know today is definitely not the Yahoo that many of us grew up with back in the day. The company has definitely evolved over the years, although it seems not necessarily for the better as it appears that they are struggling, so much so that they are said to be considering selling their core internet business.

Yahoo Mail For Android Updated
When it comes to Yahoo, the Internet company might be seen by a fair number of people to be a giant that has been on the decline for the longest time already. However, they still have their fair number of users, and this figure is not small for sure. Yahoo Mail has also seen its fair share of updates over the years, even allowing you to manage Gmail from it […]

Yahoo Mail Lets You Drop Google Drive Files
There is the adage, where better late than never. Having said that, Yahoo Mail is now starting to be able to be on par with the other free email services out there, where one can now drop Google Drive files as well as GIFs right into one’s Yahoo email. This is certainly a step in the right direction, thanks to the integration feature which will surely be a boon for […]

Verizon & Google Reportedly Interested In Yahoo As Well
Last we heard, Yahoo had decided that they will be selling off its core internet business and Microsoft was named as one of the potential investors interested in acquiring the company. However according to a recent report from Bloomberg, it seems that Microsoft might have to face competition from the likes of Verizon and Google.