yahoo_radarIt is pretty clear that these days we are starting to move into new territory with regards to AI. While the majority of our interactions these days are still pretty straightforward, companies are stepping up their game to introduce bots and AI that are more conversational, thus making its service easier to use by coming off more “natural”, like how you would speak to an actual person.

Now if you’re looking to plan your next holiday and need some guidance, Yahoo has recently announced the launch of Radar, its new travel guide will be smart enough to know where you are going to help organize your trip and make suggestions, like where to eat, what to see, and so on, all of which will be slowly learned by the AI over time to become better as it learns your preferences.

According to Yahoo’s VP of product management Conrad Wai, he explained to VentureBeat that the idea was to simplify the process where instead of having multiple tabs open across various websites, users could accomplish the same thing with Radar. “If I can combine some of the 50 tabs I have [when researching trip planning] on-the-go, it would be great. We’re trying to aggregate, distill, and combine information for the user across the web.”

The app is currently only available for iOS devices so users can go ahead and download it via the iTunes App Store. No word on when an Android version will be released.

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