yahoo messengerLast year Yahoo announced that they were releasing a redesigned Yahoo Messenger. The redesigned platform was initially launched for iOS and Android devices, as well as for the web version of Yahoo Messenger. However if you’ve always preferred native desktop software, you’re in luck as the desktop version of the revamped Yahoo Messenger has since been launched.

In an announcement on Yahoo’s Tumblr page, it reads, “Today, we’re delighted to announce that you can enjoy all of these features you’ve grown to know and love in our brand-new Yahoo Messenger desktop app for Windows and Mac.” Basically if you’ve been using the app on your mobile and on the web, the desktop version will be similar.

This reminds a bit of WhatsApp which first launched on mobile, followed by the web, and then the desktop. This could come in handy if you’d rather not have your browser open all the time, and if you’d rather not have to keep checking your phone and replying to messages if you’re in front of the computer already.

The desktop app will also be getting the unsend button which basically lets users take back the last message they sent. For those who are interested in downloading the app for themselves, head on over to the Yahoo Messenger website for the details.

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