We have all heard about stretch limousines, seen our favorite celebrities step out of them at glitzy and glamorous red carpet events. They might not be practical automobiles for your daily errands run but if you want to make a grand entrance stretch limousines are the best option. Scooters are far more practical but what if you want some of that stretched out style? Vespa, the Italian company that makes an iconic scooter of the same name, has unveiled a rather unique four-seater “family” version called the Vespa Stretch Scooter.

Vespa South Africa has rolled out a Stretch Scooter – to, er, stretch your imagination just when you thought the only things that stretched were chewing gum and limos. This scooter allows one to ferry another three pillion riders, which is basically a family vehicle on two wheels. Cool idea, but what about the safety issues?

That’s beside the point since Vespa isn’t exactly going to sell this particular scooter. This is only a South African built one-off special that is intended for display and marketing campaigns.

“You won’t have a problem finding passengers for this scooter,” says a Vespa spokesman, “All you need is a red carpet, Gucci outfit and you’re ready for fame and fortune.”

Well its certainly bound to get you a few eyeballs, but imagine having to maneouver this scooter through traffic!

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