progoGoing green seems to be the keyword these days, and have been for a fair number of years already. Having said that, if you were to pick up a scooter, just which particular model would you gun for? ProGo has announced their ProGo 300 Propane Powered Motor Scooter, where this personal mode of transport will be able to deliver the performance of a gas scooter, all with the amount of emissions that tree huggers would love. Basically, this is a zero emissions ride, just in case you were wondering.

The inspiration behind this ride by ProGo would be its ease of use, not to mention leaving you with no guilt at all when it comes to saving the environment. Since gas is so expensive these days compared to a few decades ago, the ProGo scooter would be extremely cost efficient, not to mention easy to maintain as well as cheap to own. Throw in an entire barrel of fun, and you’ve got quite a winner here.

Not only that, should you ever run out of propane, this is nothing to worry about, considering the spare propane tanks are so tiny, they can be literally carried about in your backpack, ensuring you will never remain stranded ever again. Each propane canister offers around 2 to 3 hours of runtime, and it works great even in winter. Made out of a rugged steel frame, the front and rear disk brakes ought to do a decent job in ensuring you stop well ahead of any obstacle.

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