belt-scooterWhen you have a particular product with a name like Belt Scooter, one can only sit back and scratch one’s head, wondering just what the heck it is. Well, as this particular name suggests, it might be a good idea to take things literally – at least in this case. What you are getting would be a belt – and a scooter too, at the same time, as it remains worn around your waist. is, as the name suggests, a scooter worn around the waist like a belt. The Belt Scooter happens to be the brainchild of designer Ádám Török, where this particular concept might eventually pave the way for a simple mode of transport that one is capable of wearing around one’s waist. In other words, it would allow you to be more mobile, and works great if your designated driver is too tipsy to drive you home, and you do not have a car to return home after a night of wild partying.

Of course, one thing must be established first – the Belt Scooter will not do a pretty good job at ensuring that your pants will not fall down, and the small wheels on the Belt Scooter would mean that it is not the fastest mode of transport available, although it will be “free” compared to flagging a cab. Made out of curved wood that is strong enough to support a person’s weight, the choice of material also ensures that it is lightweight in nature, so that you do not get bogged down by it wherever you go.

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