gogoroRight at the start of the year, we did bring you word on an electric scooter that hails from Gogoro of Taiwan. Well, that particular scooter does come with swappable batteries – which theoretically speaking, you need not have to charge your electric scooter ever again, although purchasing a new battery each time it runs flat would be a prime example of being a poor steward of one’s money. Having said that, it is handy in an emergency situation where no chargers are present. Basically, the Gogoro Smartscooter is now on sale in Taiwan with a price tag of $4,140 after conversion.

It will be available for pre-order in Taipei, Taiwan from 27 June onward, and those who pick up the Smartscooter need not fret since there are a number of Gogoro charging stations strategically located around the city, and each purchase in the initial offer will see Smartscooter owners be on the receiving end of one year’s theft insurance, two years of free maintenance, as well as two years’ unlimited access to the battery charging stations.

It will run on a pair of easily removable batteries which offer a range of approximately 60 miles, and to up the ante, there is the ability for it to be integrated with a smartphone.

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