A2000_0[CES 2015] Terra Motors of Japan is no stranger when it comes to manufacturing scooters which are meant to help folks get around the city in an eco-friendly manner, and this time around, they have unveiled the A2000 e-scooter that will succeed its predecessor, the A4000i, in a bid to further expand the e-scooter market around the world. Of course, it has not been too long since the A4000i was revealed at the end of September last year, and the time is deemed to be ripe for the A2000 e-scooter to be unveiled.

The A2000 will feature a consistent design as that of the A4000i, although it will be priced in a more competitive manner. Terra Motors has every intention to meet the needs of the market for good quality, prevailing design without having to break the bank.

Of course, with a new model on the cards, there has to be some changes made – where the A4000i came with a single shock rear suspension, lithium-ion battery, iPhone connection, and only one color – white, the A2000 will feature a double shock rear suspension, a lead-acid battery, no iPhone connection, and a choice of three colors – namely white, green and red purple. Hitting Vietnam first, Terra Motors is working on handling distributor agreements in 10-15 countries before it markets the A2000 worldwide later this summer. The asking price? $2,000 thereabouts, depending on duties and taxes in individual markets.

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