Core i7 MacBook Pro Geekbench Scores Revealed

Are you thinking that Apple’s MacBook Pro line of notebooks is in desperate need of a refresh? Well, a Geekbench scoring has surfaced and it seems that it was created using a Core i7 M620 MacBook Pro, running an unreleased version of Mac OS 10.6.2. According to the benchmark results, the Geekbench results of this MacBook Pro 6,1 provide a nice little boost compared to the current line of MacBook Pros. If you need a comparison, the current range of MacBook Pros usually clock in about 3700-4000 points, but this time the score is listed as 5260 points, which is really a significant result. The version numberof 6,1 hints that there is most likely going to be a significant change, as the first unibody MacBook Pro was listed as 5,1. With that in mind, you might want to hold off buying a new MacBook Pro for the moment, and wait to see what new version of the MacBook Pro Apple comes up with next.

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