Replace Your Dead iPad If The Battery Dies For $99

Here’s something rather interesting regarding Apple’s iPad. Normally if your iPhone’s battery dies and needs a replacement, Apple will service the device for a fee, meaningit willprobably just swap in a new battery for you. But according to the latest FAQ page from Apple regarding the iPad, it seems that it’s offering to replace your iPad for a service fee ($99) in the event that your iPad battery decides to kick the bucket. It’s hard to tell if this is a typo or a serious deal, but there are certainly pros and cons to your iPad being replaced for $99, not to mention you’ll almost certainly be getting a refurbished unit. If your iPad battery died, and you had to pay $99, would you rather Apple changed the battery, letting you keep your sentimental iPad, or would you be happier with a “new” refurbished unit?


Apple iPad battery FAQ.

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