Samsung Galaxy S Sports The Fastest GPU In Android Phones

It’s surprising that it wasn’t trumpeted around more when the Samsung Galaxy S was officially unveiled, but as it is, the Samsung Galaxy S is probably the device with the fastest GPU in an Android phone to date. The Hummingbird A8 chip on the Galaxy S is able to process around 90 million triangles per second, and when you compare that to the Motorola Droid’s 7 million tri/sec, and the Nexus One’s 22 million tri/sec, it’s certainly something. Apple’s iPhone 3GS also clocks in at 28 million tri/sec, in case you were looking for a phone to compare it to. The icing on the cake is that apparently Samsung’s AMOLED display is said to be more efficient than the other AMOLED displays, and hopefully that translates to longer battery life.

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