BrainWave Desktop Microwave Offers USB Connectivity And An RFID Scanner

The BrainWave desktop microwave concept is something we really wouldn’t mind having in the office, especially during those late night sessions. This microwave oven comes with a USB port and RFID scanner built-in. So all you have to do is open the packet of pre-packed food, get the utensil that has a built-in RFID chipout of the package, scan it on the microwave and the device will know how long it needs to heat up the food for you. The USB cable allows it to be hooked up to your computer, notifying you of when your food is ready (since we’re sure your eyes are glued to the computer display). Aside from that, the BrainWave can be stored in an upright position,functioning as a whiteboard when not heating up pizzas for you.


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