iPad Hacked To Include A Verizon MiFi Device

Think that AT&T’s iPad 3G isn’t giving you the connection speeds that you’ve been dreaming about? If you’re very handy with your hands, you could always try what this enterprising fellow did, as he opened up his iPad 3G, removed the AT&T mode, and hooked up a Verizon MiFi device to the iPad’s battery, literally turning his iPad into a cool tablet device that doubles up as a Verizon hotspot. It’s not exactly an easy job, so you might want to go through the whole process before you decide to attempt this, aside from that, he also noticed that the green light from the MiFi shone through the iPad’s display, but that was quickly rectified with a pair of needle nose pliers. Would you dare attempt such a hack, bearing in mind that you’ve most certainly voided the warranty on your iPad once this process begins.


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