Scubster pedal-powered submarine

I don’t know about you, but I for one would definitely not want to take any chances in a pedal-powered submarine like the Scubster. This streamlined carbon fiber mode of transportation is capable of hitting 10kph (6.2mph) top speed if you pedal hard enough, where substantial calories will be burned to drive the blades on each side of the sub via a customized gear mechanism and belt drive from a Strida bike. Controls within the ‘cockpit’ will help you guide the Scubster up, down, left and right, without compromising on features such as angle of incidence and forward or reverse motion. Hopefully there is some sort of backup power supply just in case I’m too tired to move those legs of mine any more, lest I perish in ignomity under the crushing weight of pressure and depth. On the bright side, at least this is another eco-friendly mode of transportation underwater, giving some slack to the already beleaguered marine life off the Gulf Coast.

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