Fortune Hanebrink all terrain bike runs on electric power

Are you currently looking for a new “toy” now that you’re about to enter the fabled middle aged crisis segment in your life? Well, the Fortune Hanebrink all terrain bike might just be the big ticket item you’re looking for, where this zero-emission vehicle is powered by a 600W electric brushless motor that is powered by a 10Ah lithium-ion battery pack. A 14-speed gearbox will equip this bike, accompanied by carbon fiber bars and tubeless tires which ought to help you navigate through even the most difficult of terrains. Five lithium ion batteries ensures it won’t run out of juice anytime soon, lasting up to half a dozen hours which is good for over 100 miles of riding. Best of all, it takes a mere 3 hours to fully recharge its batteries. The Fortune Hanebrink will set you back by around $5,500, hitting a top speed of 40 mph. Don’t run over the kittens now with this!

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