NoVelo human-powered vehicle updates Flintstones age

Remember the “car” that was found in Flintstones cartoons? Well, it has gotten a 21st century update in the form of the NoVelo, thanks to the efforts of Tim Turrini-Rochford, a student from the University of South Australia. This hybrid vehicle will be powered by human movement and electric power, where it is based on the body of a velomobile albeit featuring extra electric motors for high speed commutes. Relying on a parallelogram linkage which allows it to tilt through corners, the merging of a horizontal and vertical airfoil deliver better aerodynamics and enables the NoVelo to hit a top speed of 50kph thanks to its built-in 300W hub motor. Not exactly the set of wheels you will use to pick up ladies at a club (since it seats only one), but it could be a decent green alternative in overcrowded cities.

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