Camera+ Sneaks Volume-button-activated Shutter Control Past Apple

It’s always interesting to see how creative folks can be when trying to circumvent restrictions placed upon them. By now most people know that it’s not always a straightforward process to get your app approved for Apple’s AppStore, and Apple didn’t allow the developer, TapTapTap, to use the volume switch to trigger the iPhone’s camera shutter button in the Camera+ app, citing possible user confusion. With that in place, the developers hid the feature, and required users to manually enable it by visiting camplus://enablevolumesnap in Safari Mobile. The feature can be turned off just as easily by visiting camplus://disablevolumesnap. In case you’re worried, this method has nothing to do with the PDF exploit that allows users to jailbreak their iPhones, rather it uses the URL to pass the instruction to the app to enable the feature. Of course, there’s no guarantee how long Apple will allow this app to stay online, and considering the obvious intent to circumvent Apple’s approval process, the smart money is on Apple taking this one down once news gets around.

Update: It’s been pulled.

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