Solar-powered air conditioner debuts in China

At long last, the day which we never thought would have arrived – we’re talking about the solar-powered air conditioner that has made a splash at the (where else) 2010 World Solar-Powered Air Conditioning Development Forum, China. Shandong Vicot Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. was first off the blocks worldwide to release a directly solar-powered air conditioning unit, and we do hope that this would change the way the world works. Of course, hopefully this new air conditioning unit will not further the cause of global warming even if more and more people adopt such an idea to keep themselves nice and cool within the confines of their homes. This unique unit features an optimal 85% thermal cooling conversion efficiency, and is capable of harnessing solar power twenty-seven times more efficiently than that of the average water heating unit, resulting in 24-hours of non-stop cooling. This would probably be a best seller along the equator and in Africa. [Press Release]

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