Parrot has released a video of AR Pursuit, a game that uses the AR Drone presented at CES 2010 and released in the U.S during the summer. The game is a “search and destroy” in which each pilot has to chase the other drone and shot it down. Using the on-board webcam, the pilot can see where the drone is going and can aim at the adversary. That’s also useful to avoid bumping into stuff.


We’re not quite sure if the game is as exciting in the real world, but at least, and unlike many remote-controlled aircrafts, you don’t have to worry too much about stability: the fly-by-wire quad-engine robot can handle itself pretty easily. The second potential snafu is that it’s not easy to find a buddy that has about $1000 worth of iPhone + drone, but that depends on which neighborhood you live in, apparently.

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