Monster Headphones Causing Problems With iPhone, iPads and iPods

This isn’t too good news if you own some Monster headphones and use some specific Apple products. Word is going around that many users are complaining of erratic behavior associated with music playback on Apple devices when using Monster headphones. The problems affecting the iPhone, iPad and Apple’s iPod range include random pausing, playing and skipping forward or back through songs. Apple has apparently pinpointed the issue to the way certain Monster headphones make improper use of Apple’s Remote and Mic technology, despite advertising compatibility for Apple products. Specifically, the models use “conductive flanges” which can result in electrical shorts, causing the device to play/pause erratically. The problematic headphones include the Jamz, Lil Jamz, Turbine Basic, Turbine Pro and Heartbeats product lines. Have you ever encountered any issues with your Monster headphones on Apple products? Let us know via the comments section.

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