Cleaning the fridge is not something that we look forward to during our free time and hopefully technology will be happy to take care of that chore for us. A concept design for a self-cleaning fridge has surfaced, created as a collaboration between scientists at the University of Central Lancashire and online supermarket Ocado. The fridge is designed to clean itself, cut down on wasted food, scan its shelves for food and provide you with recipes, teaching you how to cook with your leftovers, not to mention reordering fresh food too (we hope we can get it to skip the greens, though). The wonders of wireless connectivity also allow it to stream web-based cooking shows and other services that might serve to distract you in the kitchen.

The fridge also uses “nano-articulated technology” shelf surfaces featuring millions of independently controlled micro-tiles, which will send food products that are scheduled to be eaten to the front of the fridge. Sounds like something we’d love to have in the kitchen.

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