Amazon app store

Bad news if you’re thinking of selling your apps on their upcoming Android app store – you don’t get the final say on what your app costs. According to a report online, you’ll be able to submit your app to Amazon with a suggested sales price, but Amazon will be the one putting the price on it. And to make things worse, they will be deciding your revenue as well – meaning you can either get 70% of your proposed app price or 20% of the desired price. It hasn’t been announced how they will be choosing the prices for the apps, but hopefully Amazon will provide the guidelines so developers will know. The reason is probably so that Amazon gets to be in control of the prices. Well it definitely is more convenient for Amazon when they want to create sales and generate interested if they wanted to set the prices to whatever they want, since Amazon is known for their great deals after all. But for those of you who are selling the same app on different app stores, this might cause some trouble.

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