We have already heard about rumors concerning the incorporatoin of an NFC chip into upcoming Apple hardware, and here are more details which might just provide more fuel for the fire. The fruiy company is aiming to boost their team with a hardware engineer who eats and sleeps radio-frequency identification (RFID), not to mention scouring for experts where global payment platforms are concerned. This looks set to be a well paid job, since the candidate needs to be extremely well qualified with a Ph.D preferably, and is an expert on a range of subjects. Of course, one of the required areas of knowledge would be RFID, a type of near-field communications which is also capable of transmitting secure data in close proximity sans wires, where the NFC chip can be used in a range of activities such as turning a mobile device (iPhone 5, anyone?) into an electronic wallet suitable for retail transactions. As with most other rumors, only time will tell on its validity.

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