iPhone Desktop Handset

Tired of the issues you have with the iPhone 4 proximity sensor? Like holding the phone against your shoulder when you’re speaking onto it? It sounds like the iPhone isn’t the right phone for the job. This is where the Desktop Handset comes in. This simple gadget basically acts as a base and receiver for your iPhone. Lay the device down in the cradle, plug in the cable to the phone’s earphone jack and you’re good to go. The Desktop Handset has a receiver for you to answer or make calls without having to hold the iPhone up to your ear. You can even charge your phone while it’s in the cradle, but too bad there isn’t a built-in one. The Desktop Handset will set you back $59.95, though if it costs too much for you – there’s always the option of just using a regular hands-free kit to get the job done. Head here if you’re interested in purchasing it.

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