Just in time for the Golden Globe Awards, the founders of Nanodots have created a new sculpture to commemorate the occasion and to set a new world record. Guinness World Records recently awarded Nano Magnetics for creating the “World’s Largest Magnetic Sculpture” – giant representation of the Golden Globe awards statue that is made from more than 550,000 gold Nanodots and weights over 600lbs! In case you didn’t know what Nanodots are, they’re basically these educational “toys” from Nano Magnetics that can be used to build many different complex and interesting structures. I use the term “toys” with emphasis because Nanodots are basically just tiny magnets that can form out of the ordinary shapes but you’ll have fun creating them. It really is amazing to see a sculpture this huge made from something so tiny. Hit the break to watch a promo video about Nanodots.

Nanodots Preview from nanodots on Vimeo.

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