In the past we have seen LEGO come up with some highly-detailed replicas of cars, but if you’re looking for something that’s more than just a shell of a car, you might be interested in checking out the recently unveiled LEGO Technic Porsche GT3 RS which we have to say, is pretty damn detailed as they come.

Starting with the design of the car, it is obvious that from the outside it looks pretty spot on to the actual vehicle (minus the LEGO-y looks). It comes with 2,704 pieces meaning that if you wanted to put it together, let’s just say that you’ll be working on it for a while, which might not be a bad way to spend your weekend.

Here’s where it gets interesting: not only is this a replica of the car on the outside, but it attempts to replicate the car under the hood as well. It comes with red suspension springs typically associated with the car, yellow brake calipers, a gear system that actually moves when changed, and also a replica of the Porsche’s PDK gearbox.

It also comes with a replica of the car’s 6-cylinder engine that features actual moving pistons, so if you are a fan of Porsche then you might be able to appreciate all these attention to details. Unfortunately the Porsche GT3 RS does not come cheap. It is priced at $300 which is admittedly cheaper than buying the actual car, and will be available come 1st of June.

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