Do you remember the character Linus in the Peanuts strip? He had this particular comfort blanket that he needed in order to remain sane, and there are some kids, no doubt about it, who do need a favorite soft toy or pillow beside them before they are able to get some shuteye. Well, the Japanese have come up with the Hug & Dream Minnie Mouse doll which stimulates slow, gentle breaths, helping relax (hopefully, anyways) the would-be sleeper which eventually should send him or her to bed.

The Hug & Dream Minnie Mouse doll is not some sort of toy which was dreamt up in a basement somewhere by a toymaker while smoking weed – no sir, Takara Tomy, the famous toy making company from Japan, teamed up with cognitive and respiratory specialist Ikuo Honma to give birth to the Hug & Dream Minnie Mouse doll. Coming in muted colors, it avoids one of the main rules of keeping folks awake – mind-stimulating shades. The Hug & Dream Minnie Mouse doll will retail for slightly north of $50 if you are interested.

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