[CES 2011] Are you looking for an e-book reader or a tablet device? Why not get both in a single device? That is possible with the NEC LT-W dual screen cloud communicator, where it boasts two 7” LCD displays that is packaged as a paperback book form factor. It ain’t too heavy either at 530 grams, while the wide viewing angle LCD displays make it easy on your eyes to read even when you hold up the LT-W like a book. Best of all is, there is zero startup time – just open it up, and you’re good to go. Since it runs off the Android operating system, a lot of its usefulness will really depend on the service providers who want to deliver their services to the masses using the LT-W as their mode of transport.


Other hardware specifications of the LT-W include an SDHC memory card slot, GPS support, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and optional 3G right out of the box. You can view it vertically or horizontally, and with a 5 hour battery life, it does seem to be a pretty good bargain – if NEC would actually let us know whether they are going to release the LT-W in the US or not.

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