Sharp JD-3C1CW

Sharp Japan has just unveiled two cordless handsets – the JD-3C1CL and JD-3C1CW that aren’t like any other cordless phones we’ve seen before. The cordless phone themselves aren’t anything special and do what cordless phones can do nowadays – store numbers, answer calls and so on. But it is the docks that these phones settle in that make all the difference. The JD-3C1CL/JD-3C1CW phones have a special dock that resembles a digital photo frame: a slot for you to insert the cordless phone into, and a multi-purpose touchscreen LCD display. The display can be used as a calendar, to remind you of your dates and important appointments – even the birthdays of your friends if you are the forgetful type. In addition to displaying the calendar, it can also run a slide show of your photographs that you feed into the device through an SD card. If that isn’t enough the screen can also act as a caller ID, showing you a photograph of whoever is calling you at the moment. The phones and docks come in brown, white or green, with the only difference between the CL and the CW model being the size of the LCD display – the screens are 4.3″ and 7″ large respectively. The Sharp JD-3C1CL ($273) and JD-3C1CW ($402) will be available for sale in Japan this February.

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