It’s not every day we see a phone case specifically designed for the Droid X* and when the Jawcase came along we thought it’d be worth a feature. This unique phone case does more than just protect your phone. This spring loaded case has the unique ability to clamp your phone in its jaws to act as a multipurpose stand that will hold your phone up in both landscape and portrait orientation without any additional accessories. While your phone is mounted in the case’s jaws, you can easily use your phone as a GPS navigation device, dashboard camera, and even as a camera tripod for those times when you’re in a fix. It even includes compartments for extra battery, ID card and microSD card storage. The Jawcase is an interesting case that gives your Droid X phone a whole lot of added functionality. The Jawcase isn’t in production stages yet – it’s listed on Kickstarter and still requires a bit of funding before it can be manufactured. So if you’re interested in the product and think it’s worth investing in, head over to the Kickstarter page to find out more or show your interest.

*And in case you were wondering – an iPhone 4 Jawcase has been planned, but if this project doesn’t lift off, I doubt we’ll be seeing that version either

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