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Microsoft has just released a new version of their Bing toolbar, and the latest version brings a lot of new features to enhance the user’s Bing experience. The new Bing toolbar brings a whole new level of efficiency to web surfing by making tasks requiring less steps to complete. One of the major updates to the Bing toolbar is the inclusion of Facebook button. Now users are able to check what’s going on in Facebook without having to leave their current page or even open a new tab. This will enable them to share content on the social network much more easily and quickly. Users can also read email from multiple services now – instead of being limited to just Hotmail, users can access their Gmail and Yahoo mail from the Bing toolbar. But with browsers trying to cut off toolbars in order to provide a larger viewing area for websites toolbars are becoming a dying breed. But Microsoft seems intent on keeping them around. What do you think of toolbars, do you have any need for them? The new Bing toolbar is only available for Internet Explorer 7 or later and can be downloaded here.


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