Audio Light BulbTired of having unsightly wires and ugly speakers taking away the beauty of your living room or bedroom? The folks over at Hammacher Schelmmer recently came up with a solution to the problem. Dubbed the “Audio Light Bulb”, these inconspicuous speakers allow you to light up a room and fill it with your favorite tunes at the same time. All you have to do is plug them into a light socket and you’re set. Audio is transmitted wirelessly to the light bulbs through a transmitter plugged into the audio output of your stereo or computer. These LED light bulbs output light equivalent to a 60 incandescent, but don’t come cheap. At $300 a pop, you won’t be rushing out to fill each room with one, and you definitely won’t get the same effects as your 7.1 home theater system you plan on replacing, but for soothing music all over the house (like in elevators or classy toilets), you can’t go wrong with these babies. Something tells me that if you live in an apartment, your upstairs neighbors aren’t going to be too pleased.

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